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The first models for photodissociation regions (PDRs) appeared thirty years ago. Since then, PDRs have been recognized as a widespread astronomical phenomenon. Essentially the entire neutral interstellar medium of galaxies is a PDR governed by the same physics and chemistry.

With the results of Herschel Space Observatory and the Atacama Large Millimeter Array now becoming widely available, it is timely to organize a symposium on the many facets of PDRs and their role in studies of the Universe and at the same time honor one of the pioneers of these studies, David Hollenbach.


21 July 2015   Thank you to all the participants for the amzing Symposium! Presentations are being uploaded to our program page. Pictures will be uploaded soon. Here is our conference picture (click for a higher resolution picture; 7.7 MB)):
24 June 2015   Registration is now closed.
6 June 2015   Posters can be up to A0 (84.1 cm x 118.9 cm or 33.1 in x 46.8 in).
6 June 2015   Late registration is closing at the end of this week.
27 May 2015   We will have to release the rooms we reserved for the conference soon, so please hurry to book your accommodation at Asilomar before the rooms are taken up by other groups.
27 May 2015   A tentative program and the abstracts of the presentations are now available.
21 May 2015  The SOC have made their decision and participants have been contacted regarding their acceptance and form of presentation. If you have aplied for the symposium and have not received an email, please contact us. A tentative program will be released soon.
09 Apr 2015  Regular registration now closed, but late registration is still possible and will be accepted (at the discretion of the SOC/LOC) until June 19th 2015. Giving an oral presentation is not possible in this case, only a poster will be allowed.
17 Feb 2015  Student grant application due by 20 February, 2015.
15 Dec 2014  Registration Opened

The Symposium Poster

Click here to download the poster (Full size 14.5MB)