Alessandra Candian Leiden Observatory Netherlands poster
Jason Champion IRAP/UPS France poster
Steven B. Charnley NASA Goddard Space Flight Center United States
Luciene Coelho University of São Paulo Brazil poster
Bavo Croiset Leiden Observatory The Netherlands poster
Sara Cuadrado ICMM-CSIC Spain
Harriet Dinerstein University of Texas at Austin United States poster
Gisela Esplugues Kapteyn Institute Netherlands poster
Harshal Gupta California Institute of Technology United States
Hwihyun Kim KASI/UT Austin United States poster
Min-Young Lee CEA-Saclay France
Johan Lindberg NASA Goddard United States poster
Cameron Mackie Leiden Observatory Netherlands poster
Zoltán Makai Laboratoire d'Astrophysique de Marseille France poster
D. A. Martinez Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory United States poster
Omnarayani Nayak Johns Hopkins University United States
Bram Ochsendorf Leiden Observatory Netherlands
Marc Pound University of Maryland United States
Naseem Rangwala ORAU/NASA Ames United States
Matthew Shannon University of Western Ontario Canada poster
David Stock University of Western Ontario Canada
David Teyssier ESAC/ESA Spain poster
Kyle M. Walker University of Georgia United States poster
Benjamin Wu University of Florida United States poster