Monday, June 29






8:40 AM PDRs: Their Prehistory and Possible Future Directions David Hollenbach




Session 1: The Physics and Chemistry of PDRs


Chair: Michael Burton




9:20 AM Stars, Cars, and PDRs: The physics of PDRs Mark Wolfire
10:00 AM Dust temperature fluctuations and surface processes: Impact on H2 emission lines in PDRs Emeric Bron
10:50 AM H2 enhanced radiative grain alignment in IC63/IC59 B-G Andersson
11:10 AM The chemistry of PDRs Javier Goicoechea
11:40 AM Photodissociation, chemistry, and isotope selection Alan Heays






Session 2: Models of PDRs


Chair: Frank Bertoldi




2:00 PM Models of PDRs: State of the art Franck le Petit
2:40 PM PDR model benchmark Markus Roellig
3:10 PM Testing the KOSMA-τ 3D PDR code: The Orion Bar PDR Silke Andree-Labsch
4:00 PM Molecular pillars in the sky and in the lab Jave Kane
4:20 PM PDRs vs XDRs vs CRDRs vs TDRs Rowin Meijerink
4:50 PM A benchmark of CO emission as molecular cloud mass indicator László Szücs
5:10 PM Gas-ice chemical interplay in interstellar clouds Seyit Hocuk


Tuesday, June 30






Session 2: Models of PDRs, continued


Chair: Inga Kamp




8:30 AM The role of PAHs in PDRs Olivier Berne
9:00 AM PAH emission in NGC2023: How subtle variations reveal sub-populations with different molecular structure and charge Els Peeters
9:20 AM Observational evidence of the evaporation of aromatic/aliphatic very small grains in the NGC 7023 PDR Paolo Pilleri




Session 3: Observations of PDRs in the Galactic Environment






9:40 AM Spitzer and Herschel observations of galactic PDRs Asuncion Fuente
10:40 AM Spectral mapping of galactic PDRs: Cooling and molecular diagnostics Emilie Habart
11:00 AM PDR Observations: From Herschel to SOFIA Juergen Stutzki
11:30 AM Near-infrared spectroscopy of galactic PDRs with AKARI Takashi Onaka
11:50 AM Herschel PACS and SPIRE spectroscopy of the photodissociation regions associated with S 106 and IRAS 23133+6050 David Stock




1:30 PM Panel Discussion: Charting the future: Critical observations, laboratory studies, & model calculations



Moderator: Margaret Meixner. Panel: Frank Israel, Gary Melnick, Gordon Stacey, Amiel Sternberg, and Hans Zinnecker





Session 3: Observations of PDRs in the Galactic Environment, cont. Chair: Isabel Aleman




2:30 PM Linking laboratory and theoretical studies on molecular excitation with PDR observations Laurent Wiesenfeld
3:30 PM H2 excitation and mapping in the Orion Bar with IGRINS Kyle Kaplan
3:50 PM HI-to-H2 Transitions in the Perseus Molecular Cloud Shmuel Bialy
4:10 PM The carbon inventory in a cold, quiescent, filamentary molecular cloud Michael Burton
4:30 PM Complex organics in the Horsehead PDR Viviana Guzmán
4:50 PM Water in photodissociation region Gary Melnick




Wednesday, July 1






Session 3: Observations of PDRs in the Galactic Environment, cont. Chair: Yvonne Pendleton




8:30 AM PDRs in circumstellar media Jeronimo Bernard-Salas
9:00 AM The photochemistry of stellar outflows Leen Decin
9:30 AM The Herschel Planetary Nebula Survey (HerPlaNS): Molecules in the far-infrared spectra of planetary nebulae Isabel Aleman
10:40 AM PDR Diagnostic diagrams: Guides to the underlying physics of FUV illuminated gas in galaxies Michael Kaufman
11:10 AM A photodissociation region in HII region N55 of the LMC Nasim Neelamkodan
11:30 AM Physical conditions of the warm molecular gas in the starforming region N159 Min-Young Lee
11:50 PM The magnetic field in photodissociation regions Marta Alves  
Session 4: PDRs, and Star and Planet Formation


Chair: Takashi Onaka




2:00 PM
2:30 PM PDRs and the structure of protoplanetary disks Uma Gorti
3:00 PM Extreme PDRs and XDRs: A multi-wavelength view into protoplanetary disks Inga Kamp
4:05 PM The evaporation of circumstellar disks, PDR models, and radiation fields in young star forming cluster Fred Adams
4:25 PM Shocks and PDRs from young stellar objects with Herschel Agatha Karska
4:45 PM Star formation near Sgr A* Farhad Yusef-Zadeh


Thursday, July 2






Session 5: PDRs and the ISM of Galaxies






8:30 AM Extragalactic PDRs: The influence of LyC production rates and their escape fractions on the ISM and IGM Mike Shull
9:10 AM The origin of the CII line in the Milky Way Jorge Pineda
9:40 AM Structure of dark molecular gas in the galaxy: I - A pilot survey for 18-cm OH near l ≈ 105°, b ≈ +1° Ron Allen
10:30 AM [N II] Fine Structure Line Emission from the Milky Way Paul Goldsmith &        Jorge Pineda
10:50 AM "Dark" gas in isolated interstellar clouds Bill Reach
11:10 AM Diffuse clouds as low density PDRs Maryvonne Gerin
11:40 AM Chemical probes of turbulence in the diffuse medium: The TDR model Benjamin Godard &       Edith Falgarone






Session 5: PDRs and the ISM of Galaxies, continued


Chair: Bill Reach




2:00 PM How we can constrain the transition from atomic to molecular hydrogen: A Planck-based approach to the "optically thick" HI 21 cm spectrum Yasuo Fukui
2:30 PM Spatially resolved physical conditions of molecular gas: A zoom-in from circumnuclear region of M83 to Carina Nebula Ronin Wu
2:50 PM PDRs in low metallicity environments Amiel Sternberg
3:50 PM Tracing and characterizing PDRs in nearby galaxies Vianney Lebouteiller
4:20 PM Young photodissociation complexes in NGC 6822: Stars and semi-resolved PDRs Lynn Carlson
4:40 PM The Herschel Dwarf Galaxy Survey: Gas properties at low metallicity Diane Cormier
5:00 PM PDRs and molecular gas at low-Metallicity in the Small Magellanic Cloud Katie Jameson


Friday, July 3






Session 6: PDRs in Starburst, (U)LIRG, and High-z Environments


Chair: Erick Young




8:30 AM Witnessing the effects of massive star formation in 30 Doradus of the LMC Mélanie Chevance
8:50 AM Molecular gas in Luminous galaxies Frank Israel
9:10 AM PDRs in starburst and (U)LIRG environments Eckhard Sturm
9:50 AM Probing the star forming ISM in high-z quasars Frank Bertoldi
10:40 AM Tracers of PDRs at high redshift Gordon Stacey
11:20 AM HELLO-PDR: FIR lines from local and z=1-3 galaxies Huan Yang
11:40 AM CH+(J=1-0) line detection in a high-z ultra-luminous galaxy SDP17b: The first probe of a massive turbulent halo Edith Falgarone